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My Services

Executive Coaching

Annelies helps executives to develop within a strategic thinking partnership which will enable them to find clarity and solutions in ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty.

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Team Coaching

Teams are required to deliver to numerous stakeholders with diverse wants and needs at high speed and accurately. This requires the team to connect well with their stakeholders and each other.

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Effective Communication Programme

Communication is what we do 100% of the time. Effective communication can positively improve every area of your life, work and team. Verbal and non-verbal communication affects our world as we “speak”.

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Profiles: Strengths and Brain

Profiles increase our self-awareness and enable us to leverage our strengths to Thrive. They also provide us with insight into our critical development areas. They allow us to grow effectively as leaders in all areas of our lives.

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Business/Career Coaching

We are all entrepreneurs, some salaried, some invoice generating. The entrepreneurial mindset is the best way to strategically decide what range of skills to hone to ensure a bright future – a Thrive future.

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Thrive Programme

Thrive is a Personal Strategic Process to design the life and work you want, to set clear objectives and strategies to reach them. Design and create a life and work that bring you joy, fulfilment and the stuff that matters.

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Very important for me was the fact that Annelies understood business. I did not need a fluffy approach to the very hard-core issues I faced in the business. We unpacked the core issues and brainstormed options till we found a solution that I was comfortable with. She highlighted my strengths and supported me to utilise those more to action the decisions made. It is easier to be good with numbers than to be good with people and numbers at the same time. Annelies helped me to manage my team differently and huge personal and business benefits were reaped by all.- George, CFO
Having Annelies Nel, as my life and business coach is a unique advantage I have in the corporate world. My career has reached new heights, thanks to confidence and constant improvement on myself. Annelies coached me on strategies and skills that have taken and keep on taking my career to the next level. Some of these strategies include understanding my value, motivation to dream bigger and coaching me how to thrive beyond my own expectations. In a short time I have upped my salary by more than 20%, I have changed my investment ideas and started a new job with an amazing remuneration package. You have been so inspiring and helpful, Annelies. I can never repay you or thank you enough.- Mercia, Digital Strategist
Annelies has been involved in both a coaching and mentoring role in my personal development as a coach and in the building of my coaching methodology and practice. I have particularly enjoyed and benefitted from her probing questions and insightful observations. Her approach is holistic and can be adapted to meet you where you are to support you getting to where you want to be, whether this is related to a specific executive challenge or broader personal growth. I highly recommend her services for anyone who has recognised the need for change and is looking for more out of life or work.- Chris, Executive Coach


to grow, to flourish, to succeed, to develop

Annelies helps Leaders, Executives and Teams to Thrive meaningfully in all areas of work and life in the short to long term.
She has been doing this successfully for more than 12 years for over 1,800 clients. (See Testimonials.)

Annelies supports you to access your unique Thrive combination. Invariably some parts are in place and some parts require some courage to put into place. That is what makes the Thrive journey so meaningful and worthwhile. Design and create a team, life and work that bring you joy, fulfilment and the stuff that matters.

Thrive Coaching Benefits

  • Achieve more

  • Resolve crises

  • More authenticity

  • Smarter decisions

  • Relate better

  • Gain clarity